• A unique opportunity to compete for a rotational graduate position at PepsiCo by pitching your own big idea to industry experts!
  • Coming soon, you will be able to participate in our annual student competition that helps us find the best and brightest talent across Europe.
  • The Dare To Do More challenge invites final year students, recent graduates and early professionals to capture, harness and take your most innovative ideas to market, competing for a job to jumpstart your career at PepsiCo.
  • With dynamic roles in rotational graduate programs across a wide variety of functions, DTDM is the chance of a lifetime – dare to compete and you won’t be disappointed!


By pre-registering, you will be entered into our database of potentially interested candidates before the upcoming Dare To Do More edition starts! You will also receive a helpful reminder email on launch day once the challenge is live.

Wait… what happens next?! When DTDM launches, we will reveal the new challenge question, and you can then officially register for the challenge and submit your business case online. Don’t worry – we will provide clear business case guidelines and tips to help you all along the way!


Don't understand the hype? Take it from them...

“The best part of joining PepsiCo via the Dare to Do More challenge was being able to showcase my analytical and creative skills from day one, as well as gaining valuable experiences and guidance from colleagues. The support we get as PepsiCo grads through meetings and workshops has been a very welcoming aspect of the journey.”

Aleksandra, DTDM 2020 Finalist, Finance, Poland.

“I decided to apply to DTDM because as a challenging international competition, it was the perfect setting to test my skills in developing and presenting innovative ideas. The whole process was thoroughly explained and easily understandable, leaving room for the participants to showcase their own individual flare and vision, without superfluous focus on irrelevant technicalities.”

Dimitris, DTDM 2020 Finalist, Supply Chain, Greece.

“I enjoyed taking part in the challenge to showcase my skills through the business case. For once it doesn’t depend on the algorithm based on your resume. It really depends on the work you put into your business case. It was also the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, to come up with an innovative idea, to be creative and analytical and that’s what I loved the most.”

Margaux, DTDM 2020 Finalist, Digital, France.

“Along the selection process, every candidate had the chance to present a Business Idea; I felt that this approach was extremely innovative. The core of the evaluation was the attitude of the candidates and their sensitivity to find solutions in a real business environment. Also, the training organized by PepsiCo to improve soft skills and public speaking abilities helped me to persuade the jury. Looking back at my experience, more than a selection process I enjoyed it like a great learning journey!”

Marco, DTDM 2020 Finalist, Supply Chain, Spain.

“Dare To Do More struck me as a stimulating challenge that showcased the value PepsiCo attaches to creativity. The warm attitude in the interview allowed me to confidently present myself and my aspirations without feeling judged. I hope the program is kept for the coming years!”

Alp, DTDM 2020 Finalist, Finance, Turkey.


  • 5K+ Participants

  • 10+ Countries

  • 50+ Hires/Year

  • Open to all majors